Getting Over A Writing Block

I call them walls. In my head I imagine running into a brick wall at the end of a thought or idea that leads to nowhere. The challenge is finding a way over or around the wall. Whether you have secret Spiderman wall climbing powers, or use rock climbing gear to get to the top, […]

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April 2018 Camp NaNoWriMo

The rewrite of New Girl is going great. I took an eight month hiatus from writing, but recently jumped back into it by taking on a 25,000 word challenge with April’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m halfway through the month and the challenge. I’d love to say I’m still going strong, but the hallway point is usually […]

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Beta Readers

A beta reader is someone who volunteers to read your book before the editing process and gives feedback. The beta reading process is critical to your story’s success. This gives you the opportunity to see how actual readers in your target audience will receive your story. A beta reader is: always a volunteer someone who […]

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Teaser Tuesday

Excerpt from Chapter 3 of New Girl: California & Becoming Fire Light to be posted on Wattpad, date to be decided.   “Screw this!” Jake yanked his controller off his shoulder before the song ended. “This is why I play the drums! A fucking real instrument! Not this fake bullshit!” He huffed his way to […]

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Teaser Tuesday

Chapter 2 will be posted on Wattpad on Thursday. Here is a clip to hold you over. Picture above is of the Fontaine’s purple house. [scene between main character, Cali, and her older cousin, Adam, on the phone] After dinner I took to my room and called Adam, my only cousin, from the patio. He […]

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